Corporate Worship-Our highest priority is to treasure Christ supremely in our values, affections and commitments. In our worship service this priority is expressed by a joyful gathering together of the body through voices of adoration in music, Christian fellowship, prayer and preaching of the Word through listening and obeying the voice of God. Everything in our worship is for the glory of God. 

Sunday School-We devote ourselves to the study of God's Word to become biblically informed, devotionally inspired, spiritually transformed and personally equipped for ministry in Christ's name. 

Youth and Children Ministries-Our aim is to spread a love and passion for God in our youth and children, by teaching them the truths of the Bible in age appropriate ways. 

Small Groups-We believe that the most intimate communion among believers is best achieved in a small group setting under the leadership of the corporate church. Our small groups provide a place where the Word is studied, where God is sought in prayer and where burdens and rejoicing are shared by brothers and sisters in the faith. 

The Great Commission-We are committed to spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and to the ends of the earth. Moreover, as Living Epistles, we aim to show forth the beauty and goodness of the glory of Christ through acts of mercy, charity and love in His name.